Who We Are

The Counter-Revolution is an organization which stands for the promotion of Christianity, culture, tradition, and the social Kingship of Christ against worldly passions and the fallen state of man.

Contact Information:

Marshal Braden N. Plyler - braden@thecounterrevolution.org
Legate for Religious and Clergy/Website Editor fra Israel Arauz-Rosiles - editor@thecounterrevolution.org
(336) 701-5924

Restoration of the world to Christ is above all else. Above economics, above all ideology, and above petty politics. Monarchy historically, philosophically, and even theologically has been the system which has best protected Christendom. The Counter-Revolution wishes to promote the Kingship of Christ in the lives of individual members through the Sacraments and prayer. After interior work is done, we aim to promote Catholic social teaching and philosophy through charity work, spreading of literature, lectures, marches, and the writing of essays.

We pride ourselves in being one of the few, if only, active monarchist organizations in the United States, with many members abroad. Along with monarchism, we promote traditional values and the Sacraments of the Catholic Church. We work closely with the Orthodox and Eastern Churches towards unity, the mending of the schism, and restoration of monarchy in Europe.

Along with monarchy, we promote a return to traditional philosophy and Catholic social teaching in the ideas of integralism, distributism, and corporatism. 

We maintain active chapters in most Archdioceses in the United States, as well as England, Scotland, and Australia.


  1. Is there any news on how the Virginia chapter is coming along?

  2. Replies
    1. Hello! Prefect of Kansas here. There is a chapter in Missouri, and the Prefect is in the St. Louis area. I can try to get you more information if you wish.

    2. Please send me information for the St. Louis area.

  3. Anything in NC?

    Shout out to Charles and Vincent at Tumblar House for getting word out about you guys!

  4. Anything in Wisconsin or Minnesota?

  5. How about Massachusetts? Am I alone... for now?