Monday, August 21, 2017

Charlottesville and the Year of the Black Sun

The black sun rises on a divided world.
Many groups descended on Charlottesville, Virginia in an attempt to "unite the right". What came of it was nothing but further division, provocation of violence by a supposedly "peaceful" faction, and many left scandalized.

Violence, confusion, division and fear on the right lead to a solidifying of the left. Many who attended the rally found themselves targeted and fired. Leaders of white nationalist factions disavowed each other. Organizer Jason Kessler suffered from a mental breakdown and went on a Twitter rampage, and Christopher Cantwell prepares to be hit with charges. 

A sharp divide has struck America between those who seek to erase the traditional identity of America, and those who intend to preserve it. One side sees identity as universal, international, and fluid, while another sees "blood and soil" as the determination of value.

Academia and media have demonized any notion of a "traditional" America, and many have encouraged the replacement of the white majority. Groups such as AntiFa demonize the majority of a nation, calls for their removal from power in their attempt to bring about equality. What should be sought out peacefully has led to violence which has been defended by the likes of Mitt Romney.
This emotional cause brings in young people who want nothing  but to be good. AntiFa and the like have embraced illogical virtue-signalling and outright unjustified racialist attack in an attempt to right a supposed wrong. Strangely enough, many of this faction believe morality is relative while preaching that opposing them makes you a National Socialist or a Fascist.

This violence and anti-white racialist rhetoric has bred the most unfortunate response - a growth of white nationalism. Emotionalism has brought about further emotionalism. The "Unite the Right" rally was built upon white nationalism above all else, a symptom of a far deeper issue. Modern progressivism has bred its own worst enemy. The emotionalistic and unfounded attacks have led to an extreme response from a "new right", also built on race. Rather than embracing any objective morality and truth, both factions have embraced flawed and harmful ideologies. Tension has grown, violence has erupted, and reason has been thrown out the window.

Left-wing protesters in Charlottesville - from ABC News

All involved must recognize they're puppets of those against whom they claim to fight. AntiFa gets their orders and funding from the white men they desire to remove from power, and white nationalist action is used to diminish the image of the right as a whole. The adoption of National Socialist and neo-Pagan imagery does nothing but lead to poor public reception and internal division. This division does nothing but serve those at the top who profit from emotional manipulation. The media profits from sensationalism, politicians profit from demagoguery and demonizing an opposing faction, and all those who make meaningful change impossible stay in power by appearing to be in the "center".

Something beyond the post-Enlightenment notion of left and right must be embraced. An ordered love of country must be embraced. A duty first to the family, then to locality, then to the state. We can look to the classical virtue of pietas to value one's family, people, and nation without asserting another is of lesser value. We must debate and reason to find the truth, and truly fight that which is immoral and abhorrent. We must return to a system old, yet new and written directly on the heart of every Western man. A responsible voice must rise up for the dissident right.

The racialist right desires nothing more than to create a Christendom without Christ. The native peoples of Europe reached their height with the embrace of Christ and His Church - art, philosophy, architecture, and music all developed as a means of worshiping God. We must subject all things to Christ, including our views on race. We have a duty first to our families, and our nations. All nations are unique and deserve to be preserved, as recognized by Pope Pius XII in his encyclical Summi Pontificatus. St. Thomas Aquinas also states in the Summa Theologica I-II, Q. 105, Art. 3 that a country should only allow immigration which is wanted and beneficial to the host nation - contrary to the idea that international borders should be blurred at all costs. Our unique cultures and traditions deserve to be protected under the patrimony of the Church.

We must also recognize the potential of all men to be saved. Even the pagan philosophers of Greece and Rome were baptized, and all heathen aspects removed. Every nation and people deserve the Gospel, and no culture is beyond redemption.

A society built on anything but the truth, the Logos, will be disordered. All societies built upon race, or economics, or any post-Enlightenment utopian tales will fail. Above all else, we must unite to spread the Kingship of Christ. It was the perfect serenity of order under Jesus Christ and His Church which built the West. Nothing less than a return to Christ will save us from racial conflict.

Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!