Monday, June 26, 2017

Reaction and Tradition

The fight against modernity is a war against an army of vipers: liberalism, nihilism, materialism, corrupt social-betters, and a multitude of institutions stand in our way. With this in mind; how are we meant to return to the old social order? The most common error is simply to react, rather than return.

Many see modern ideas as a given and aren't able to successfully defend against the progressive swarms -- the defender has resigned to fight on the attacker's territory. This is certainly the trouble with libertarianism and the ideological struggle with progressives: they still share the core belief that truth is relatively subjective. But to fully conquer the evils of the modern world, one must refuse it and take the correct path to salvation. A path of objective truth.

In contrast, modernity is built upon relativism. If truth is not objective, it is far easier to promote ideas through emotional argument. Rather than God and His Church, the media instead becomes our overlords. Thus the will of people is put above what is truly righteous and good, and general consensus becomes the moral code.

Perhaps the greatest example of this is 21st-century view of fascism. I can honestly admit, after studying Mussolini, Dollfuss, Franco, and Degrelle - I have a much harder time defining fascism than I did before. For the sake of clarity, I can no longer use "fascism" to describe any specific set of ideas, as you can have everything from the atheist Mussolini with a Jewish mistress to the clerical Austrofascists. Nevertheless; The ideology is used the ultimate insult by the Western left, being used so often that actual fascists often escape a great deal of persecution.

The many people instead called "fascists" are mainline "conservatives". Usually this term means someone who is nominally conservative, mildly libertarian, and a fairly strong supporter of the Republican party. They have made no attempts to refine their political philosophy, and their most dedicated act of praxis is sharing a meme from Uncle Sam's Misguided Children to start a Facebook debate with their liberal aunt.

A step beyond this is the basic libertarian, most commonly a fan of Ron and Rand Paul. These individuals read a few books on politics and finds that the state is almost certainly a source of most ills, regardless of how the state is applied. This is a very prevalent and temporary phase, as this group feeds into neo-reactionary politics through Hoppe, minarchism and anarcho-capitalism through Rothbard, or God-forbid a young man slips back into common conservatism with a focus on Keynesian economics. Another common transition is to adopt an idealistic classical liberalism, with a love of the Founding Fathers and the greater use of aesthetics. It serves as an ideological purgatory, where the enemy is rarely defined unless it is a road or an involuntary action. 

All adopt tradition to some degree, but it is not capital-t Tradition. Some take on an Anglosphere individualist sort, some a set of ideas used to justify authoritarian government; and most often just defending their father's brand of Baby-Boomer worship of American corruption and the cult of Ronald Reagan. While this is certainly an individual tradition, it is not a sacred Tradition that we possess in the West.

True Tradition is built upon natural law, and a set of primal truths which was imbued from the first moment of Creation. The Apostle John that all was created through the Word, the Logos, and evidence of this is found from the earliest days. There were elements of truth to even the pagan philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle, and the fullness of Truth was brought to the temporal world with the Sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ. This Truth is known through the teachings and Tradition of His Church. 

To be line with Tradition, one must recognize the need for a single leader. A figure for a nation to look up to, whose legitimacy comes from God, this is the only successful guide for the state and people. As pawns to political parties, special interests, and the desire of the mob, presidents and prime ministers consistently fail to implement meaningful -- much less positive -- change within their terms. In fact, it is often said a benign dictator is always the ideal ruler; a this sentiment echoed from Plato, to Aristotle, to St. Thomas Aquinas. 

How this ruler comes to power is a question which causes the Falangists to bicker with the Carlists. One side cites the shortcomings of individual monarchs, while the other has a strong rebuttal in the lifespan of authoritarian regimes. Regardless; without the stability of monarchy, the regime likely collapses after the first generation and initial leader fall out of power. With monarchy, due to its hereditary nature, these movements could go further. Old blood and clerical backing is a boon to any political movement.

The religious element of reaction cannot be ignored. It is the ultimate source of unity and morality, the foundation of European Tradition, and the source of all legitimacy. Having the support of the Bishop of Rome or a Patriarch is the greatest possible endorsement. A devout Christian leader is one certain to act in great virtue, and this monarchs reign will only serve to better his population. A pious monarch will breed great piety in the population.

The eternal truth of the Faith will survive regardless, but nonetheless thrives in this king, tsar, and so on.

Thus the only living force which supports truth above all is Tradition. Ardent defense of truth and morality is rarely found outside the Church, much less independent of its teachings. Beauty is hardly found outside of Cathedrals and artwork of the past, and support for a good state last found in the coronation rites of the Mass and Divine Liturgy. We must accept the truth as a whole, such is Tradition, as any error or diversion from it will send back down the path to disorder. 

We cannot assemble our own form of "truth" based on what delights us. We must relentlessly study, pray, and act with virtue to find the truth. We must consume all the writings of Church Fathers and Doctors, read of the great heroes, and most importantly, emulate them. There is no cafeteria for the Truth, it must be taken wholly or be completely abandoned. Using modern ideas to fight modernity will not reap any meaningful fruit.

Because of this, we cannot adopt any aspect of the Enlightenment. At its core, it is the ultimate expression of relativism and rebellion. We cannot assert the state is the sole cause of woe or the only salvation of man; we cannot assert that capital must be fully enslaved or free. A philosophy must form organically, from the lives of good people worthy of living out their goals. Order can only exist in a righteous society, as good philosophy can only come from a man with his passions and vices trampled by his own desire for morality, service, and salvation. We must begin reforming on our own lives before we can successfully lead the world to looking to past for a better future. 

Recite the prayers of your fathers and patriarchs, read their words, and imitate their acts of heroism. We cannot find salvation in anyone but Christ, and we're without any help without Him and His Saints. The ultimate revolt against the modern world is to make goodness, prayer, study, and service an ideology above any -ist or -ism. To organize, we must leave the screens and form the righteous mannerbund, and build up our fellow right-wingers into men by crushing their vices as well as our own. We must lead each other towards wisdom and action rather than apathy. All ideology and aesthetics are slaves to truth, and we must run towards the objective of holiness above all.

We must fight and restore the virtue and the systems which retain the goodness, and it starts with turning fully from modernity and any part of it, finding redemption in Christ through the Sacraments and pious living. We must first support the Social Kingship of Christ, before we can rebuild our own Kingdoms.