Thursday, June 15, 2017

Comedy Central and The Law of Diminishing Returns

In recent years, the decline of viewership among major television networks has become readily apparent. The biggest ones, ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX, have seen a major shift in their demographics. Viewers for their shows are older, while younger viewers are absent.

Among the hardest hit, but least mentioned, is Comedy Central.

One look at their recent programming and it looks like they’re trying to reclaim their Golden Era.

Between 1999 and 2007, Comedy Central was at the height of its Cable TV powers. “South Park” won several Emmys and was critically acclaimed across the board. Other programs, including “Reno 911!” and “Chappelle Show” had strong ratings and a devoted following. Famously “The Daily Show,” under the tenure of Jon Stewart, was the “criterion” of late-night. Several cited the leftist fever dream of a program as a major impact on the 2004 American Presidential Election.

Fast forward a decade later and Stewart’s successor, Trevor Noah, can barely get half of his predecessor’s audience. Despite some recent “booms,” if it weren’t for the current President, he’d be circling cancellation.

It looks as if the network misses the period where their shows were winning awards and steering political ciphers in a democratic election.

In recent months, “That 70′s Show” and “Scrubs,” heavily syndicated parts of their Golden Era, made a return to the network. Meanwhile attempts to duplicate “The Daily Show” in the form of “The Nightly Show,” “Problematic” and “The Jim Jefferies Show,” are doomed to failure.

No one wants to hear leftoid comedians lecture us about what’s “offensive” to a bunch of totalitarian humanists. The younger viewers, who grew up without “The Daily Show,” look at these recent attempts as an embarrassment. Those who are pushing it are either older executives, unwilling to change, and younger managerial types who believe doubling down works and were the primary viewers ten years ago.

Eventually Comedy Central, along with Hollywood and other major television networks, will have to realize what is the inevitable for the rest of us. They’re becoming hopelessly obsolete and out of sync with their potential viewers.

In Comedy Central’s case, the “progressive” comedians they promote are the same as the “Church Ladies,” of our parents childhood.

A bunch of old whiny hypocrites.

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