Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Crucifixion of the Old Order and the True Counter-Revolution

Over the last 300 years, the world has been witness to the slow decline of the old order of throne and altar. The rise of enlightenment thinking and the cult of logic had come to challenge monarchy and the Church. A revolutionary spirit was born that was antithetical to God and his servants on earth, concentrated against His main representative, and protector of the Church, the monarch.

When the great Russian author Dostoevsky was involved in revolutionary circles in his youth, his former mentor had noted "as a socialist, he had to destroy Christianity in the first place. He knew that the revolution must necessarily begin with atheism.".  One of the most terrible examples of this revolutionary spirit is its embodiment in the French Revolution in 1789. Precipitated by the Freemasonic lodges, under the disguise of the motto Liberté, égalité, fraternité, they liquidated the monarchy and established a secular, liberal democracy. What was the result of this modernist ideology? What did it bring to the people?

It brought them misfortune, rape, and mass executions done not under the cover of night, where criminals usually conduct their business, but during the day in the full view of all. As Solzhenitsyn declared at the dedication of the Memorial de la Vendée in Les Lucs-sur-Boulogne, France, on September 25, 1993, “…in the life of society, liberty, and equality are mutually exclusive, even hostile concepts.

Liberty, by its very nature, undermines social equality, and equality suppresses liberty- for how else could it be attained?”. The French Revolution, and the masonic cause to destroy throne and altar, is the example and inspiration of all other political revolutions, and modernist cultural revolutions, from Bolshevism to feminism.

What are the fruits of this? Is man, now that he has obtained “the vote” and does not live under a “theocracy”, free? Is the individual happy and fulfilled in the march of “equality and progress”? Or has something been lost?

“For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” – Mark 8:36.

Humanity’s problems are not a lack of equality, or lack of equal pay, or anything material or political. The ills of the modern age have come from the separation of civilization from God. The problems that have befallen us in the modern age have occurred for the same reason the Bolshevik revolution occurred, in the words of Alexander Solzhenitsyn “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.”.

The communist holocaust was the most terrible, in pure numbers, example of the revolutionary spirit. 100 million (conservative estimate) have fallen to communism in the 20th century. In Russia, the Church was persecuted to no end and many new martyrs were born out of the Russian Revolution, one of the biggest examples of this is the martyrdom of the Royal Family, who were made saints in Orthodox Church, they are a leading example of The Counter-Revolution. Not only the Tsar but the entire White movement is an example of the spirit of The Counter-Revolution and what is needed for the ultimate victory. Russian philosopher Ivan Ilyin, dubbed Putin’s philosopher by Western media, has characterized the Revolution as a religious trial, “No one in Russia escaped this trial; this test overtook every man: from the Tsar to the soldier, from the Most Holy Patriarch to the last atheist, from the rich to the destitute. And each was put to an unprecedented test- to stand before the face of God and testify: either by the word, which became equivalent to the deed, or by the deed, which became equivalent to death.”.

A man can either have the material world and become a servant of the devil, or he can choose to remain loyal the God. Loyalty in God will result in loss of all material gains and bring upon physical death, but just as Christ was victorious over death with the resurrection so are all that choose to be true servants of God. Ilyin proclaims that “If we can take everything from this victory that was laid into it, then Russia will soon be reborn in power and glory and evince still unseen greatness. And this greatness will be a living edification and support for the rebirth of other nations.

This is the primary meaning of our “White” existence and suffering.”. Victory lies not in decimating your political rivals and holding power for some decades until you die and once again the revolutionaries take power. It is not with doing the same evil revolutionaries do in order to maintain power either, but “the victor is he who rose against: rose against seduction, not falling to it, and rose against terror, not taking fright. … He triumphs who agrees to lose everything to save something of God’s.”. Through the lessons of the French and Russian revolutions one sees not just the crucifixion of the old order, but it serves as an example of the evil that the heresies of the modern age have caused, and the need for us all to take up a great spiritual struggle against them, and to become slaves of Christ. Only through Christ can man achieve true freedom from all evil.

The True Counter-Revolution must take place in the heart of every man. As Saint Nikolai Velimirovic said, “Help me, my God, to conquer the world within myself.”. A spiritual struggle must take place for the heart of civilization. The people must make themselves worthy for the return of the Holy Dynasties that ruled Old Europe. The nation, the Church, and the state must be unified by their ultimate service and loyalty to God. This can only be done through a rejection of all modern heresies, and a return to Christian civilization. Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica remarked that to him the world looked as if it was something out of Hades. Over the years all of us have seen a greater decline still.

We must work to first to restore the insoluble bonds of marriage between man and woman, and the unity of the family, the primary social unit, to begin to restore the Old Order. For a people must make themselves worthy to be once again ruled by a great king. There must be a rejection of all non-Christian principles and foreign influences in society and return to the sacred foundations of Christendom!

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