Friday, May 12, 2017

Faulty Reaction | What We Need for Victory

There has to be a pharmacist before someone swallows the red pill.

The rejection of mainstream ideology is becoming remarkably common. There has been a rise of Southern nationalism, anarcho-capitalism, Austrofascism, and everything in between. Mistrust in Western ideas of government grows every day. The journey from Republican to Carlist always begins with a single step: more often than not, this is anti-Feminism.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people jumped into politics from Gamergate. What initially started over ethics in gaming journalism sparked a movement which evolved into outright rejections of the status quo; the MAGA-hat wearing Trump supporters, to anarchists, to the rapidly growing monarchist movement. This rejection propelled figures such as Milo Yiannopolous and Sargon of Akkad to stardom and left Generation Z with a strong distaste for feminism.

While many have embraced traditional truth, a great deal are stuck with feminism as their main enemy. Many have embraced distributism and corporatism over capitalism, the local over the state, and traditional religion instead of liberal or lack thereof. But for the mainstream rebellion, it focuses on symptoms of an unrighteous society (feminism, progressivism, etc.) rather than the root issue. One can only refute the wage gap so many times.

There isn't much depth to attacking the outer manifestations of disorder; it isn't difficult to recognize something illogical as long as you aren't brainwashed. The challenge lies in providing the logical solution. Despite most of this new right fighting against tolerance, a peculiar reasoning has made them very tolerant of what led us here in the first place.

Remember, logic alone isn't always the friendliest ally. It can be manipulated and used against the truth, and worshiped to the point where there is no faith put into anything beyond oneself. Having to read many books, examine the minute details of post-Enlightenment society, and be as critical to yourself as to others is a difficult prospect. It's much easier to hide behind a label, repost Youtube videos, and go with the flow. Progressives and conservatives both fall for this, manufacturing quippy sayings tied into eye-catching graphics from pages such as Occupy Democrats and Uncle Sam's Misguided Children.

While the more active would accuse these people of being "controlled opposition", the truth is simple: it's apathy.

Everyone wishes to change the world, but few are willing to change themselves. People are uncomfortable with fundamentally changing their outlook on the world, but nonetheless welcome a chance to be "edgy". They hyper-focus on an external issue to avoid the need for individual change, as often, this issue can be blamed for personal fault. Be it a fragile confidence or indifference towards ones own well-being, it is intrinsically harmful.

Apathy and its product, sloth, are the source of woe. The progressive blames his faults on capitalism, the "Alt-Liter" on feminism, the libertarian on communism, yet still nothing gets done. Even if some work is made against their respective enemies, they continue to fall blindly into the Enlightenment spiral. Not for a moment do they seriously self-reflect or question their convictions. Thereby, a fundamental shift in identity and philosophy must come for any good change to be made.

The first step is realizing our own faults. In a culture of hyper-individualism and materialism, we are either puffed-up or downtrodden; one is either egotistic or self-hating. Realize your own worth without arrogance, and realize your lowliness without defeat. Master your passions and vices, and direct all emotion into worthy endeavors. Greatness never comes from laziness, and this can only be achieved in embracing one's own good and focusing on it. Most ideologies embrace the attack on an outside force rather than finding the disorder in oneself and working from there, leaving their adherents weak to themselves.

The trouble with post-Enlightenment ideology is that it rarely promotes the bettering of oneself. Although heavily individualist, it instead embraces self-acceptance no matter what flaws one may have. Fat-acceptance, embracing of sexual deviancy, and the complete embrace of the never-ending march of progress are striking examples. Only when we subject ourselves to the Kingship of Christ and mold ourselves within objective morality will any good come of us. 

The greatest act of revolt is not against the enemy. To conquer the enemy, first conquer yourself. Subject yourself to righteousness and goodness, and wisdom will follow.

To overcome the modern world, we must reject any movement with an external focus. No good fruit will come of any movement which ignores personal struggle, towards the strive for improvement. Its flowers may be beautiful, but its roots are weak and frail. Every issue we face comes from the original bad fruit -- the fruit of unjust rebellion.

Not only was our condition since introduced when Adam partook of the Forbidden Fruit. Marxism, Liberalism, degenerate Revolution, and atheism came with it. Religious orthodoxy has always struggled with eternal revolution; morality has always struggled against rebellion, righteousness against demonic dissent. Toleration of a yet insufficient and unclean self will only make things fall further.

Mind that anything which distracts from man mastering himself, his family, and his land will lead to an unworthy man, and from unworthy men a disordered society. Exaltation of equality, or of the godless state, or of anything but Christ and following Him will be doomed. To be worthy of truly good society, we must first become truly good men.

We cannot wield the state wisely without study. We cannot fight our enemies with untested bodies. We cannot spread our ideas without work. We cannot conquer without prayer, as it is the source of all wisdom, strength, and energy. We cannot do good without Christ, and everything we are is through Him. Before anything else, we must accept this.

After will come the true and final reconquista. Evil and indifference have entered the world through brute strength and manipulation, and we must fight with all we have against them. Our strength can come only from righteousness rather than anger or rebellion. We must abandon anything which holds us back from this, including revolutionary government, ideas, and lifestyles.

The great advantage of monarchy is that there should be kingship all the way down. Christ rules the world, through Him the monarch rules his kingdom, and under that the father rules his home. It brings about tranquility through order, and peace without the need for a totalitarian state. Freedom to do good, and nothing else is needed.

We must revolt against the modern world and her illegitimate and harmful governments and powers, and embrace and promote what allows us to do good. Modern states and power structures which arose from rebellion and anti-Christian ideas must be abandoned and disregarded. The embrace of any Enlightenment idea will cause us to slip right back into the issues we face today.

For order, we must look towards the past. The key to success is to disregard the modern world and her temptations - greed through capitalism, false equality through socialism, the kingship of all through democracy, and all other aspects which rebel against God. We must make ourselves worthy of righteous governance, only then will it come. 

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