Sunday, May 7, 2017

Democracy and the Eldest Daughter of the Church

Yet again, democracy has failed the once-great nation of France.

The Fifth French Republic had the choice between a female secularist and a male globalist, a former Rothschild banker. The banker, Mr. Macron, has won by a rather margin according to the New York Times.

Macron, the centrist, has openly admitted that "terrorism is a part of our daily lives.

France, the nation which raised Charlemagne and bred countless Saints, has embraced the spirit of secularism and the false Enlightenment of the modern age.

The nation of Sts. Joan of Arc, Thérèse of Lisieux, Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney, and St. King Louis himself, has again allowed themselves to be ruled by  "enlightened" centrists, become owned by banks, and enslaved to the European Union.

France is not what it once was. The France of Kings and Queens, of Notre Dame, and of Machaut and Poussin. There is no longer a France of order and goodness, but a France bearing the fruits of rebellion brought by the Revolution.

What do we owe the martyrs of the Vendee? How will we deal with the blood on our hands of Kings and Priests? What is the punishment for the Reign of Terror? 

Democracy is the punishment. Europe, since the collapse of monarchy, has suffered from internal and external threats. From total war and civilian deaths since the Revolution to the invasion of Islamism through almost weekly terrorist attacks, are examples of how far we have fallen. Most European nations have sold their sovereignty to the soulless European Union. The steps made towards a unified, artificial, and secular culture have been taken. 
Charles Martel must be rolling in his tomb. Saints Joan of Arc and King Louis, pray for us!

St. King Louis departs for the 7th Crusade by Dore.

This is not a time for sorrow. People are realizing that democracy rarely works in their self-interest, and groups like our own and Action Francaise will grow and gain legitimacy.

Monarchism and traditionalism are growing by the day. It is by far the fastest-spreading philosophy, outgrowing the alt-right because or monarchy's actual philosophical foundation. Not only can this be considered a victory for our cause, but a wake-up call for the European continent.  The fruits of secularism and the embracing of Enlightenment ideas are being experienced by the West, and many realize we must look to the past to achieve an ordered future.

We must show the strength of Catholic Europe and Catholic France! What advances has France made since their revolution? Their art has gone from beautiful Cathedrals to becoming a wasteland of modernist trash!

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris

Marcel Duchamp's urinal art 'Fontaine', 1917

Let us take this loss and use it to show the West that the fight will not be won with democracy. We must restore what was stolen from us by modernists, and pray God's will be done and mercy shown upon us. 

All French Saints and Martyrs, pray for us!

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