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Crowning the World Again | Part II - Symphonia, Integralism, and the Family

Separation of Church and State is a principle of Enlightenment thought -- the gravest of errors and a severe detriment to the nation as a whole. This is a especially true in America, which lacked a unified culture before becoming the United States. The state did not evolve organically from the nation, leading to Americanism being synonymous with statism. Hatred is normally directed at one's opposing party, but any critique of the government itself is normally viewed as an attack on the nation as a whole. The United States is bereft a unifying Church, culture, or ethnicity - leading to unity achieved only through external threat and flimsy ideology. Its major unifying force is a vaguely moral "Christianity", where God only exists to promote the will of the American government. The logical conclusion of this "faith" is an immoral and materialistic society, one divided between those who think Jesus was a gun-toting capitalist or a Palestinian socialist. Objective morality is made subservient to economics, again showing religion in American is not valued for theology - but for promoting a political party's agenda. 

Loss of unified morality and culture is the price paid for the Enlightenment holding state higher than the Church. Western Europe, without the Catholic Church, has surrendered to an unreasonable form of progressive philosophy. The state has come to value preserving its liberal appearance over protecting her own citizens, regardless of their suffering. As the West falls to political correctness and emotional manipulation, plagues such as Islam, nihilism, and Marxism are spreading in almost all urban areas. We must recognize the importance of a national religion to return righteousness, peace, and order to the world.

Crowning of Charlemagne by Pope Leo III

The religion is the foundation of a nation, informing its culture and morality more than any other force. Especially in Eastern Europe, being Orthodox is as important as your father being a Russian or Serbian. The Enlightenment, despite it preaching freedom, ultimately puts the state as the end goal of the nation. 

Realizing this importance is key to reactionary thought. Even the agnostic Charles Maurras, the leader of Action Francaise, knew the importance of the Catholic Church and Catholic identity for France. He was the organizer and philosopher for the organization, and his ideas caused them to fully embrace Catholicism and integralism. 

Integralism is traditionally viewed as organic unity between the classes of a nation. The modern classes originate from the state, with the political and usurer classes manipulating the working class. The abuses classes have dictated the occupations of the working class, most apparent through the selling-out of American manufacturing overseas. Rather than occupations being rooted in family tradition or necessity, these post-Enlightenment states sell unemployment under the guise of free trade, and the robbery of tradition under the guise of modernization.

The rise of nationalism in Europe led to the state focusing on the natural and global rather than local, violating the idea of subsidiarity and choking local identity. A society in order is tranquil, prosperous, and lacks the need for a secular state to restrict daily life. A society in order begins with the family and by extension the village. Peace can only be found when the lowest level is ordered. A nation can only flourish and be truly ordered when the family is promoted, protected, and its property and status kept from outside interference. 

This order can only be achieved by the state arising organically from the nation, rather than the state asserting itself over divided groups. A republic always asserts power through emotional manipulation, the buying of votes, or bribery to increase political status. Property, leadership, and nobility should stem from tradition and righteous action, rather than bribery and appointment.

The state is not a given. It is a means to an end, and a righteous society gives birth to a righteous and ordered state. Enlightenment thought wrongly preaches the state is the end itself, with the democratic process as an essential institution. This leads to the state being held above the culture and citizens, with rights put above duties and progressive ideology held above all else. The right to vote is held higher than doing what is right, and the fate of the nation and people made more important than the people. Secular and liberal ideas are accepted without argument, and the entire nation may burn to the ground so politicians can avoid being called illiberal or racist.

A rebirth of religious identity is essential to the re-ordering of the world. The family unit may only be saved by a common system of morals, which defends Sacramental marriage and promotes raising children to become righteous. Subsidiarity is an essential tenet of Catholic social teaching - shifting the goal of the state as protector of the local culture is essential. Modern states value global economics above all else, and adopting a confusing and illogical mix of foreign values is a consequence of global capitalism and mass immigration. When the state is too focused on usury and foreign currency manipulation rather than public schools teaching morals are subjective, marriage is malleable, and gender is fluid - there is something entirely disordered.

The rise of secularism has given rise to immorality, with divorce, adultery, pornography, and drug use becoming widely accepted. All of these vices directly attack the family, and cause sloth and moral laxity. Children perpetuate the cycle of lustful marriage and divorce on top of accepting degeneracy as "fun". The Church must serve as the protector of the family, and the ordered family unit is key for a morally-righteous state.

Family as the foundation of a righteous people can only be maintained by a moral state. Integrating the moral and social values of the Church allows the family to function, and the breeding of righteous citizens avoids the need for a unnecessarily inflated state. When society is in order, local communities provide for themselves, Church attendance is high, and the classes can be arbitrated by the local noble, and at the highest level, the King. The social reign of Christ the King is the foundation for both the family unit through morality, which extends upwards to the institution of monarchy. At the lowest level, the Father and Lord of family and property must be worthy of being ruled by righteous government. The monarch himself must subject himself to the Kingship of Christ, obeying His Church and teachings, to be worthy of ruling. In order to keep society peaceful and ordered, we see the need for the Church.

Despite the Enlightenment's rejection of symphonia between Church and State, we must fully embrace the purpose of the Church with regards to temporal kingdoms. The state exists to protect her citizens and private property, their way of life, and to keep peace. On top of that, the state must also protect the Church from any external foe, and provide support when needed. This support is necessary if a nation is to remain moral, as morality and faith can only be passed from Christ through His Church. The Church must teach and keep check on the state, and must shepherd Christ's flock in matters of morality and theology. The Church may also stand with the people as a means of preventing the state from falling into vice, decadence, and tyranny, by overseeing the education and character of the monarch's and noble's heirs. As we descend the social latter, the Church provides priests to minister to citizen's spiritual well-being, keeping them from sin and on the path to salvation.

Family From Antiquity - Oil By William Adolphe Bouguereau

When the state decides morality, we end up with inflated law-books focusing on finances and economic regulations. This separates the state from the nation, leading to tremendous disorder. The purpose of the state is to be an extension of the people and culture, and to maintain order and retain cultural values. If the Church is allowed to take Her place as moral guide, and to exist alongside the state and to be moral guidance, a nation will fall back into tranquility.

The Church has argued for protection of the local over the global, the human over capital, and the organic unity of the nation rather than a state promoting a false and never-ending march of progress. The disorder of the modern state must be ended, and brought under the needs of the nation itself rather than the will of globalist, nihilistic oligarchs. The heavenly institution of monarchy is modeled after God's own heavenly and eternal Kingdom, and the family unit is a miniature form of the state. The social Kingship of Christ can only be maintained by submission to the Church, and Church can only be protected by the institution of an anointed monarch. This monarch must submit himself to morality, and take up prayer and defense of his nation through Christ as his duty. This is the only way to achieve order - Righteous Lordship from the foundation to the highest level, through the safety of the family and property, and the re-awakening of morality through the Church.

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