Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Comey's Out, Blameless Hillary and The Islamic Republic of France

Often the political left acts like an old elephant.

It never forgets…when it chooses to.

One look at the dismissal of FBI director James Comey yesterday and the boogeyman of Richard Nixon appeared. Comparing Comey’s firing to Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre,” many argued this as proof of Trump’s alleged links to Russia.

No mention of Comey’s “interesting” conclusions about Clinton’s emails last summer, something criticized by many, including those in the FBI. Nothing related to that fact no links have yet to appear connecting Trump or his administration to Russia. Something the FBI had previously concluded in October 2016. Only to reverse itself by year end.

Much like Yates refusing to enforce a constitutional order, many will try to make Comey into a martyr in the so-called “struggle” against President Trump.

Hillary Clinton, contrary to her public image, more than likely welcomed Comey’s departure.

Inexplicably, Clinton continues to make public appearances to cipher-like audiences’ of politically similar ideologues. In a recent talk, Clinton blamed “Comey,” “misogyny,” “Wikileaks” and “Russia” for losing the 2016 presidential election, saying had it been a week earlier she “would be president.”

At no point in any of her scenarios, does Hillary take account for the fact she herself is the reason she lost. When even a Clinton-supporting columnist tells her to “shut the f— up” and “go away,” one can see most people don’t want to hear it anymore.

Meanwhile across the pond, Emmanuel Macron won the French Presidential Election against Marie Le Pen. Despite a massive email leak and telling the French public that terrorism will become part of their “daily lives,” they prefer national suicide to national pride.

When the controversial novel “Submission” looks more and more like an outline of the next decade, all bets are off. Despite the horrific events in Paris, Belgium and Nice, Western Europe has yet to realize its terrible future.

As Trump abandons “America First” and MAGA, the media raves with a bloodlust at anything, and Western Europe faces a dangerous future, one wonders where will the end be in sight.

And when will Chuck Schumer stop crying?

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