Friday, April 7, 2017

War Against Syria

As someone who worked for Trump during the campaign, I must say I am tremendously disappointed in the actions taken against Syria.

In a murder case, a motive must always be established. There is absolutely no motive for Assad "gassing" his own citizens in a village in the middle of nowhere a day before talks where he would have a clear advantage. With the terrorists and rebels in their final days, an attack on one's own citizens makes no sense, and it seems remarkably suspicious that the White Helmets were so quick to respond with videos, and that Trump's opponents have now completely flipped to backing him.

The attacks against one of the few Christian-friendly leaders in the Middle East over an unproven attack is entirely unjustified, and sending the young to a proxy war with Russia for Israel and the Neo-Cons is absurd.

During the campaign, Trump was saying something entirely different. Before today, he was rather friendly to Assad, and would never have gone after them. With Bannon being demoted slightly, and a seeming rise in power of the Kushner and centrist faction within the cabinet, Trump could be becoming more friendly with the Neo-Cons and Obama appointees still in government.

Democracy, in its desire to always spread the revolution, will always attempt to depose effective leaders simply by bypassing the process. Bypassing the democratic process has lead to the success of Putin, and his backing of Assad makes them appear as tyrant and puppet. This is obviously not the case, and while neither leader is perfect, we cannot simply turn against them for not embracing an ideology which is destructive and already worn out.

If anything, this shows how the modern republic attempt to assert its ideas over countries we should no involvement with, and besides that, how easily politicians can lie and change positions at the drop of a hat. I embraced traditional government long ago, and each day I feel my philosophy is proved more true and effective each day, with each inch we creep closer to war and every lie a politician tells. I will not fight a war against a man who protects Christians from many violent Islamist factions, or a nation which is redeeming itself from the scourge of decades of communism.

Obama appointed many people in the Department of Defense, and we must also recognize how much the Neo-Cons and Kushner-Centrist types have coerced this into taking place.

Pray for Assad, Putin, and Trump.

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