Monday, March 6, 2017

“To ensure domestic tranquility...” - The Failure of European Government

Government has been assigned a great many roles through time, often dependent upon the circumstances and worldview of those who captain it, and those which it serves. One of its most fundamental functions, perhaps the core purpose for its conception, is rooted in mutual protection; the pooling of resources and power, both hard and soft, to ensure the safety and tranquility of its constituents. This has been a commonly acknowledged truth for almost as long as men have theorised on government – at least until recently. 

Many governments of the European Union – including its recently disowned stepchild, the United Kingdom – no longer seem to believe in this principle. The past months have seen an almost daily escalation of crime being committed by economic migrant and “refugee” populations in Europe, from theft and public disorder to the repeated and brutal gang rapes of women and children and terrorists massacres such as those committed in Paris and Nice. Crimes that, in any civilised society, would be decried and aggressively prosecuted with every tool available to the law. Yet the governing bodies of Europe, from the civic councils of England to the vaunted European Parliament in Brussels, seem largely content to do, well, nothing much at all. 

The excuse for this inaction is, of course, “European Values”. These include such things as “tolerance”, “diversity” “multiculturalism” , and if current law enforcement policy is to be believed, also encapsulates rape, murder, kidnapping, terrorism, and religious extremism. Apparently “European Values” likewise no longer include such concepts as law and order, domestic tranquility, or a high trust society. Concepts that only a few short decades ago were still regarded as the bedrock of a stable civilisation. In a desire to avoid any accusations of “racism”, in an insistence to cling desperately to a self-flagellating ideology that demands European peoples must offer up their own societies to the “less privileged” as a penitential act, the governments of Europe have shown they are quite willing, even glad, to accept the blood and suffering of their own native peoples as long as “European Values” are upheld.

A century ago, this inaction would have been the death of any government in Europe. Even an incident as “minor” as the mass sexual assault of German women in Cologne on New Year's Eve in 2015 would have in itself, seen angry Germans rioting in the streets. The further efforts of the German government to cover up the attacks would have, at minimum, led to cries for the resignation and prosecution of all involved. More than likely it would have riled mob justice. It would have, far from the Current Year solution of protecting the perpetrators and communities involved, rather seen a government crackdown on said groups with troops deployed in the street. “Isolated incidents”, whether as small and “inconsequential” as the recent kidnapping and gang-rape of Swedish women and girls as young as fourteen (the perpetrators, I might add, receiving community service for their faults) to the terrorist massacres in Paris, would have shocked and outraged the entire civilised world. No nation would have seen its prestige survive were it to withhold action in even a fraction of the manner which is now considered policy in Europe. Yet in our modern and enlightened age, it is simply considered the price of progress toward building a new multicultural, tolerant society.


Tolerant of chaos. Tolerant of organised gang rape. Tolerant of random violence. Tolerant of the destruction of once peaceful and cultivated societies in favour of their replacement by gangs of barbaric thugs, kept in check only by regular payment of welfare-based protection money from the governments of nations that will eventually only exist on paper. This is the bright future promised by the leaders of the European community. This is, fundamentally, a betrayal not only of the peoples of Europe, but of the core principle from which their governments derive their existence. If it is argued that the first and oldest priority of a government is to ensure the safety of its citizens, it is obvious that the governments of Europe have failed. To salt the wound they have not only failed out of negligence or incompetence, but out of direct and consciously chosen policy. Any government that is both unwilling and unable to protect its own native citizens is no longer legitimate. That many of the governing bodies of Europe are guilty of this charge is blatantly obvious. They no longer deserve the respect or obedience due to legitimate state power. The burden of action, or inaction, rests upon them. If these governments wish to be perceived as functional, as worthy of existence, then they have the immediate and sacred obligation to place the welfare of their own people first. If they cannot, will not, do this, then the peoples of Europe have every natural right to remove them - by any means necessary.

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