Thursday, February 16, 2017

Scapegoating the Blameless

It is certainly not a disappointing time to be alive. Twenty years ago, we watched as Nicholas II received justice for his unlawful murder with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Now, though it has taken longer, we are living in an age when George III may finally receive justice for the slights against him. We, monarchists, live in an age where the collapse of republics is more than certain, making it our time to calmly and with the dignity inherent to our people, remind the world of forms of government that were efficient, prosperous, and as close to perfect as humans can achieve.
There is, however, a particular confrontation that we must handle before we can all enjoy watching the republicans lie in the bed they made: As one of the oldest (though still young) democracies die, there is an inevitable need for both the people and oligarchs to find a way to blame the collapse on something other than their precious system.
Predictable as the collapse was to those of us who knew that globalism and democracy were unsustainable, it comes as a shock to those who have been indoctrinated for decades in the idea of a perfect system. This shock leads them to try and find someone to blame for their failures. This is where an old enemy of America made another appearance.
What many people of supposed intelligence like to claim is that Russia deserves the derision of America and the West. That it is apart and cruel, that it practices human rights violations, and therefore belongs outside of the good graces of ‘civilized’ human beings.
To my mind, I have not seen Russia do anything outside of the norm for an entity that senses instability and wishes to ensure its own survival. This logical conclusion is often countered by people who seem to think that the word ‘whataboutism’ magically makes everything alright.
It doesn’t. The plain fact at the end of the day is that Russia, like every other powerful nation in the history of man, is pursuing its own interests, ones that have become vital and side-lined by the circular logic of a dying bloc that refuses to acknowledge Russia’s needs.
Further horrifying is the never ceasing need to try and do what countries have tried for centuries, namely, isolating and ostracizing Russia for refusing to accept the lie that democracy is the only path forward. While it was the natural step when Russia was suffering under Communism, but in this age, the final age of republicanism, it’s laughable.
Russia, with its desire to protect itself and its people, makes it a natural ally to monarchists, who simply desire the same thing.

As democracy continues its downward spiral, it is up to people to channel their anger and frustration onto the correct targets, instead of falling into the trap that the oligarchs have arranged for us. We are told that Russia is hacking, invading, and, in general, trying to undermine democracy, when the truth is that democracy already undermined itself. Russia hacking or not hacking an election is not going to affect anything, just as the election itself ultimately didn’t affect anything. 

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