Friday, January 6, 2017

Why Do You Support Monarchy? A Concise Primer.

Why would anyone support an alternative system?

Democracy, and it’s lesser evil form, the Republic, are systems which always result in the centralization of power, oligarchy, and shift society ever-leftwards. Democracy has never been viewed as a serious system, with Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle all having an extreme dislike of the system. Aristotle also says in The Politics that monarchy is the one system where power is exerted for the good of all.

Arguments for democracy somehow being morally superior and inherently free are based entirely in emotion. In the age of “democracy”, we have seen the rise of the National Socialists, the Communists, and tremendous death and destruction brought since the French Revolution. This basis in emotion is what initially turned me off towards it and causes me to shift.

If you browse through the posts on my blog, you will find various defenses I have written. My longest is In Defense of Philosopher Kings and another popular one is Why Monarchy is Best for the Arts. I will try to boil down my main arguments:

Monarchy is inherently more free than democracy. The state is treated as the private property of the monarchy, which leads to the state not having the need to provide welfare, education, or grow corrupt. Most examples of corrupt monarchy oppressing the people only come from literature and drama, for most of history the only people “oppressed” were the aristocrats who did not enjoy being kept in check. This is very much the case with Ivan the Terrible.

As the state is the private property of the monarch, there is no desire for one to leave the state in a state worse than it was first gained in. This is in order to pass down the state to his successor. An owner of a home is far more likely to do things which add value to the home rather than diminish it. A democracy is more like a president renting an apartment, where any risky decisions or mistakes can be covered by your deposit and your successor will be the only one worrying about cleaning the up the mess. And the successor will spend so much time focusing on cleaning up the old mess and getting re-elected, that there is no time for good to be done! This argument mainly comes from the book Democracy: The God that Failed by anarchist Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

Beyond that, democracy tends to attract ineffective and power-hungry leaders. Most American presidents are a good example of this. The old phrase “power corrupts” is completely paled by the new lesson I’ve learned that “Thirst for power is the only true thing that corrupts.” Democracy also encourages the taking of bribes, offering promises you can’t keep, and giving freebies which will bloat the size of the government. 

Monarchy is also the system most in line with my religious values. It is the only system officially endorsed by the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, and has proven to be the only system which retains Christian values. Mainstream Republicans and European “conservatives” have failed for years to stop the onslaught of cultural decay of societal degeneracy. Sexual immorality and divorce are at an all-time high, as well as abortion. 

A monarch is also trained from birth in matters of statecraft and administration. While “inbreeding!” and “spoiled kid!” always comes up, there are few examples of this in history. Having a leader to instill a sense of national unity, and a ruler above petty politics with the interests of the nation at heart, is infinitely superior to one only trying to please party leaders or special interest groups.

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