Friday, January 27, 2017

Violence Free-For-All Post-Election

With Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of the United States, it appears the lunacy of Anti-Trumpers continues to build.

On Inauguration Day, we were treated to the sight of “anti-fascist” protesters burning cars and damaging private property. The severity of their actions prompted the response of local police. Over 200 were arrested for their actions, while the damage costs are estimated to be considerably high.

The next day marked a worldwide “Women’s March” whose sole justification was Trump being the American president. With signs of a confusing nature and a lack of message, all they could muster were claims of impending “fascism.” All while leaving a mess for the street cleaners.

Among the most alarming events of that day was Madonna’s appearance at the Washington D.C. march. Multiple Hollywood celebrities turned up at various sites on Saturday to show their
“activism.” Yet it was the comments of the pop star that were the most disturbing.

In a speech laden with f-bombs, Madonna spoke of her dream to “bomb the White House,” a dream she has claimed to have “many times.”

Not unsurprisingly, The Secret Service announced they would investigate her claims shortly after.

Of course, many disputed her comments claiming it was a joke and she never intended any violent intent.

We’ve already seen that Anti-Trump protesters gave no issue of using violence against those they don’t like. They’ve attacked people during the 2016 Presidential campaign with a nature and zest that can be seen as psychotic.

By speaking those words, Madonna, and other celebrities, are encouraging the most violent and psychotic elements of the protesters.

“But it was a joke, they’d never go that far,” some might say.

In the late 1960′s, increasingly radical protesters and activists broke from various groups to form the Weather Underground. A far-leftist group supportive of Maoist China, worldwide communist movements and identity politics, its members engaged in a terror campaign against the US government. Their members infamously advocated massive “re-education” camps for the extermination of 25 million Americans.

Mirroring the worst horrors of man, this group advocated the most dangerous and nightmarish ideals uttered in radical politics. Yet nowadays, they are portrayed in favorable terms by historians. No doubt as many of their ideas have become university curriculum and advocated by ex-members now academic professors.

While Madonna and other celebrities may claim they don’t intend their words to result in violence, they don’t realize or care what they’re encouraging.

And if the violence of these protesters escalates, with people being more than injured, will they acknowledge the blood on their hands? Or will they simply scapegoat Trump once again?

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