Monday, January 23, 2017

The Monarch as the Ultimate Ally of the People

Within the modern education system, children are propagandized to see monarchy as inherently oppressive. Teachers will argue on the side of an idealized form of democracy but not what democracy is like in practice. They promote that the people will choose the best representative from among their own countrymen when, as history will show, they merely vote on which faction of the oligarchy to elect.

People in America are clearly awakening to this reality as half the population doesn’t even bother to vote. Only a member of a certain class of society, with the correct connections, has any sort of chance at winning the election. The monarch does not need to rely on propaganda or money to rule a country, which is what set him apart from the oligarchic noble class. The monarch was the ultimate check upon the upper echelons of society to prevent them from abusing their position in society and terrorizing the common people. However, the popular version of history taught in schools often ignores this and labels monarchs across the board as evil or incompetent. Ivan “The Terrible” is a perfect example, just the way he is labeled (which is a better translated as “Fearsome” or “Mighty”) gives the image of some tyrannical overlord. In reality, Ivan the IV was the most popular Tsar among the people, there are endless amounts of folklore written about him where he is the champion of the common peasant and the enemy of the noble class who would try to abuse their power over peasants. The Tsar grew sick of the treacherous noble class and attempted to abdicate, but the nobility could not rule in his absence as the peasantry hated them, so the nobility had to bow to the ultimate will of the Tsar in order for him to return.

The Tsar in Russia was the check upon absolute tyranny of the rich. The Russian Tsarina, Anna Ivanovna, was made to sign a list of “conditions” to ascend to the throne. These were essentially created to make her controlled by the members of the Supreme Privy Council, however, those outside this council were terrified of this development and petitioned the Tsarina to restore the full autocratic power of the throne, which she did. While during the long course of the Russian Autocracy all wasn’t ideal and perfect (as no system is) it secured Russian sovereignty from cabals of the nobility, only worried about money and their own holdings, maintained order and prevented tyranny. Once Saint Tsar Nicholas II had to abdicate an incompetent government was installed which quickly fell to revolutionary terrorists who brought almost a century of darkness to Russia, killing tens of millions. Only now in the person of Vladimir Putin, who has needed to ignore some checks on him written into the constitution, has Russia seen growth once again. How did he manage to restore order and make Russia a sovereign power to be reckoned with on the world stage once again? Why prosecuting the oligarchic class of course, who had funneled hundreds of billions of dollars outside of the country throughout the 90s. Only with Putin’s empowering of the executive branch to the point where he is a sort of neo monarch, as well as ignoring some troublesome parts of democracy, which allow criminals to abuse the political system, was Russia able to gain a firm footing once again.

As anyone can see the common people in Russia love Putin, he has approval ratings any other politician would kill for. In the age where liberalism has come to rule, we have seen “democracy” that has only served the oligarchic class and left the world devastated by war, the worst human atrocities, and an endless pit of hedonism. The absence of a strong monarch has left the common people at the mercy of international finance and worst of all has cut nations off from God as we see many nations spiraling into anarchism, self-hatred of their own culture or race and the destruction of the traditional family which is one of the last defenses against total manipulation of the population through the state.

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