Friday, January 20, 2017

It's Always Darkest Before the Don | A Farewell to Barack Obama

Barack Obama ascended to the Oval Office as a first-term senator and community organizer, and left the United States rocked with scandal, controversy, and left an overall impression of weakness on other states.

While early on I enjoyed him for smugness, I later came to find that he and his party could not last as the bastion of liberal "values" it claimed to be. During the 2016 primaries and elections, the DNC went through multiple chairs, scandals, and accusations of corruption. There is no doubt with the rejection of Bernie Sanders as the voice of a younger (although in my opinion rather dumb) generation, the Democratic party has lost a significant portion of younger voters, and disenfranchised moderates.

As a monarchist, I know democracy breeds this sort of behavior out of necessity. To stay in power in a republic, corruption is a must in order to avoid being usurped by your secretary or rejected by your own party.

Democracy also breeds tremendous emotionalism, which has expressed itself by the Clinton campaign declaring war on a cartoon meme frog, massive protests, and thousands of death threats addressed to Mr. Trump, his staff, and my friends and myself for associating with the campaign.

Overall, control by the left has left America more dangerous than it came in with. While the GOP are arguably Trotskyites as well, most liberals have grabbed onto sensationalist rhetoric and false statistics to give into anger. Not to mention embracing sexual and gender politics which has no basis in reality.

Thank you for all the death threats, social ostracization, and mockery. You have pushed me to create my own political organzation and reasonably successful website, and allowed me to meet many wonderful and hard-working men and women of all religions and races who supported the cause of liberty and national unity.

Goodbye, Barack. Your legacy will be sure you are known as the first domino to fall as the struggle against globalism, enlightenment corruption, and identity politics, to fall. I can assure you, you will not be missed.

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