Saturday, December 10, 2016

Breaking Bonds

Upon reaching the state of disarray and incompetence that those who hold the reins of power have driven us to, it can equal be claimed that it is they who have brought us to the pass that this document records. It is the lack of stability that has forced so many to recall greater eras in human history. To state the contrary to those who would claim that our community is one that merely seeks the blind ignorance of the past, we acknowledge the flaws of certain elements of the past and have shed them in the face of the overwhelming evidence that there are better paths to health and prosperity. However, this conclusion is not one that can accept compromises only on one side. By being enlightened by the consequences and marvels of the modern age and by accepting those which can do no harm to our morality and well-being, we are more easily able to accept the flaws that the era has brought. To debate and refute the claims of the so-called “Enlightenment”, and to demand restitution by classless and corrupt governments to the hands of those who may more properly adhere to the needs of a populace that has done nothing to deserve the mismanagement and harsh treatment by those who continue to prosecute in the name of inappropriate ideals and unachievable utopianism.

Contemporaries incorrectly create a leviathan of the world, making the claim that it is all or nothing. They mistakenly tie together all the joys of the world with the sorrows of the government, a tactic which has managed to hypnotize and subdue the masses to the effect that any ideas of breaking down harmful and tyrannical governments are always portrayed as existing hand in hand with the destruction of the modern way of life. This is a deceptive trick of the lowest order. To make the claim that alternative and better forms of government cannot maintain the level of comfort and technological existence that is, in all brutal honesty, the only achievement of worth on this planet, is not only a scandalous lie, but is all the more deplorable when one considers the fact that further progress has been hampered by the efforts of these oligarchs, who can see nothing beyond the possibility of their hold on the people breaking. It would be as great a crime to claim that the governments of the past were free from mistakes and is a claim that no sane man will ever make. However, the solution that the people were coerced into has not proven itself to be any better in the past century, and, in fact, has only proven itself to be more harmful to both the soul and the body. Like a house of sand on the beach, it erodes a little more, every day, and while the stone battlements of monarchy might have made more noise when they fell, to repair them would provide permanent shelter, while attempting to repair democracy would be nothing more than an exercise in futility, asking for nothing more than the same calamities to reappear in several years.
  Of the ploys carved into the minds of the people that the burning system is reliable is the coldest and most disgusting manipulation of emotions, used to sway the hearts of even the most stalwart men into believing that they must remain and turn to ash with the rest of the construct. Conniving and cavorting in the safety of a machination that provides only for them, they reach out to control the people, maintaining a most horrendous hold on those who have no knowledge of their perfidy. Such actions cannot last forever and if there is no alternative already established to shelter people, they will surely drown. It is beyond time for you, all of you, to realize what your governments have done and the name in which they have done it. There is an acceptable alternative, a solid fortification that will provide permanent sanctuary to you and your children. With all the urgency of one who can see a coming disaster, I urge you to reconsider your allegiance to pain and suffering, and join in a frightening, but bold, worthy, and noble cause. Establish the New Roman Unitary Constitutional Monarchy.

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